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Capitol security prep ahead of expected protests


MADISON (WKOW) -- Wisconsin Capitol Police say they aren't expecting this week's protests as the state legislature takes up Governor Walker's two-year budget plan to be as large as protests seen in February and March.

But they are nonetheless increasing the security presence seen around the Capitol. 

Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs says there will be a large police presence around the Capitol during the legislature's discussion of the budget. 

"You have to be prepared for anything.  You expect the unexpected," said Tubbs.  "You plan for the worst and you pray for the best."

He says agents from not only the Capitol police force, but state police, University of Wisconsin police, and the Department of Justice will all have a presence at the Capitol.

Chief Tubbs also reminded people that noisemakers, sleeping bags, and signs on sticks or other sharp objects are not permitted in the Capitol.

Also, people will be allowed in the Capitol even past normal closing hours provided that debate in the legislature has not concluded.  Once it does, people will be asked to exit the building.

"We will allow people to come in and participate.  However, they will not be allowed to stay and sleep in the Capitol overnight," said Tubbs.

Capitol police have yet to set a quota on the number of people allowed in the building come Tuesday, when debate in the legislature begins.

Additionally, two more doors were reopened to the public Monday, bringing the total number of public entrances to four. Entrances on East Washington Ave. and West Washington Ave. are now open and are expected to remain open indefinitely, according to Tubbs. 

He says other doors may be opened as the agency sees fit.

"That's totally under review," said Tubbs.  "We review and evaluate that almost each day."

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