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Protesters take on WI Manufacturers and Commerce


MADISON (WKOW) -- Protesters marched several blocks from Walkerville just outside the Capitol to the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce building to protest what they say is WMC's "anti-worker, anti-middle class agenda."

Those words are part of a statement released by One Wisconsin Now Director Scot Ross. Ross delivered a speech outside WMC's building today after the march.  

He began with the words "Is this thing on?  IS THIS THING ON?" drawing applause and cheers from the one hundred or so protestors who made the trip to the WMC headquarters.

Protestors beat drums, rang bells, and used whistles to express their approval of Ross' words.

Ross and One Wisconsin Now, a "non-partisan advocacy organization" according to its website, are calling on what they say is the state's largest and most powerful business lobbying group to be held accountable for its role in helping bring about corporate tax breaks.  A statement from One Wisconsin Now says these breaks will cost taxpayers approximately $2.3 billion over the next decade.

Ross also questioned the group's ties to Gov. Scott Walker.

"By their own admission, they spent $1 million to elect Gov. Walker, the governor of this state," Ross told protestors. "And they got their money's worth."

Protestors had painted fists, a symbol of the "Solidarity" movement, as well as Walker's face on the building and on a statue out front. They say they used mud and chalk to make clean-up easier.

In a statement, One Wisconsin Now says the "choices" made by WMC will "drive our state into Wisconsin's version of the Great Middle Class Depression."

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