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Protestors gear up for "Big Day" Tuesday

MADISON (WKOW) -- Protestors outside the Capitol say they expect Tuesday to be a "big day" for protests as the legislature begins floor debate of the state's two-year budget plan.

But some say they think Tuesday might only be the beginning of a big week.

"I think it will get progressively larger," said Jeremy Ryan of the Defending Wisconsin Political Action Committee. "Tuesday is going to be a big day, but you know as people see people over here, that will inspire more people to come out."

Though Ryan and Capitol security forces alike say they don't expect the massive turnout seen in February and March, they still expect at least "a thousand to fifteen-hundred people" inside the Capitol tomorrow on the low end.

"No one knows for sure," said Ryan.  "I'm certainly hoping we get to the levels we had in February."

Hollis Mailen, a Solidarity organizer and Walkerville resident agreed that the turnout might not match that of protests in February and March. 

"Our expectations are slightly lower," he said.

But he also had this to say:  "I think they'll be surprised.  That's all I can really say about that."

Mailen says that teachers' associations and other groups interested in aiding protestors in Wisconsin are coming in from as far away as Vermont.

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