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Secretary of State La Follette reacts to SCOWIS decision


MADISON (WKOW) -- Secretary of State Doug La Follette says he is "troubled" by the Wisconsin Supreme Court's decision to enable Gov. Scott Walker's polarizing collective bargaining law to go into effect.

But he says he is not sure when he will publish the law.

"At the moment I don't know what the procedure should be," said La Follette. 

The law was put on hold two months ago when Dane Co. Judge Maryann Sumi issued a restraining order halting the publication of the legislation.  The decision was made to provide more time for officials to look into whether or not legislators violated Wisconsin's Open Meetings laws.

Those laws require legislators to post a public notice 24 hours prior to most meetings.

La Follette says this Supreme Court's decision undermines the lower court's ruling.

"It seems as though the court, probably in a fairly political decision, has decided to support what the Republican leadership did and what the lower court said was a violation of Wisconsin's long tradition of open meetings," he said.

La Follette says he will consult with his attorneys early Tuesday morning to clear up confusion over his timeline for publishing the law.

"I don't know until I have time to talk to my attorneys whether I should publish it in one day or ten days," said La Follette.

Most laws are published in the state's official newspaper ten days after they are signed by the governor. 

La Follette says he has never had to deal with a case like this before.

"This is the first time in Wisconsin history I believe that this kind of situation has happened," he said.

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