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Protester reaction to Supreme Court ruling


MADISON (WKOW) -- Protesters had already gathered at the Capitol all day today, to voice opinions on the state budget proposal when news of the ruling came down.

Many say they felt blind-sided.

The crowd of protesters at the WEAC Rally held to day at the Capitol Tuesday night reacted to the news by booing.

Speakers called on the protesters to be more fired up from today, than ever, and they need to continue the fight.

The protesters gathered together and held hands around the Capitol, singing.

Still, union members question the Supreme Court's ruling.

"It's a sad day for Wisconsin that we get something out of the Supreme Court we get to do things in a hurry and without discussion and a closed session," said Janet Murphy, Madison nurse.

"The open meetings law is just window dressing and I'm a school teacher and it takes away all the protections I have," said Bill Porter, DeForest teacher.

The president of the AFL-CIO spoke today telling union members they've been fighting for their rights, and they'll keep fighting to overturn what's been done in this state, which they say may take years.

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