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Investigation continues after pedestrian hit by Metro bus dies

MADISON (WKOW) --  A Madison police spokesperson said a pedestrian moving across University Avenue in a crosswalk and with a signal light this morning was hit by a turning Madison Metro bus.
A Madison police officer said the woman pedestrian was killed. Her name has not yet been released.
Police spokesperson Joel DeSpain told WKOW 27 News he's viewed video of the approximately nine a.m. collision from a fixed city camera at the intersection.  
DeSpain said the woman pedestrian followed all traffic rules by waiting at the corner of University Avenue and North Lake Street, then proceeding with the walk signal about "half way" through the intersection's crosswalk before being hit by the bus. DeSpain said the bus was making a left turn from North Lake onto University.
City of Madison fire crews used the Jaws of Life to lift the bus off the pedestrian who was pinned under it, according to Madison fire spokeswoman Bernadette Galvez. The woman was taken to UW Hospital where she was pronounced dead. A forensics examination is scheduled for Thursday.
DeSpain said the incident remains under investigation and no one has been cited or arrested.
A Madison Metro employee said the bus driver was a woman, but declined to identify her or provide any information on her experience level or safety record.   
Metro spokesperson Mick Rusch said the driver had no passengers in the bus was heading west to help as an overflow bus for the busy Metro route 15.
Several blocks of University Avenue were cordoned off to car and truck traffic for several hours as investigators inspected the scene of the collision.    Police officers removed what appeared to be a shoulder bag from beneath the bus.
Metro officials said the last pedestrian fatality from a Metro bus collision was ten years ago,  when a 59-year old woman running for a bus on the city's north side fell under the bus' back wheels.
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