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Governor urged to veto benefits waiting period


MADISON (WKOW) --  Two members of an influential council on unemployment matters urged Governor Walker to veto a state budget provision on establishing a one week waiting period for the collection of unemployment insurance benefits.

Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce vice president James Buchen and State AFL-CIO president Phil Neuenfeldt said the unemployment insurance advisory council was bypassed when the legislature passed the waiting period provision,  and said the provision "should not be adopted outside of the normal unemployment insurance advisory council negotiations process."

Council members today are considering whether to recommend that lawmakers use $89 million in federal funds to extend unemployment benefits by an additional thirteen weeks.

Council member Patricia Yunk of AFSCME Council 48 said the benefits extension should not be tied up any longer by paring it with other possible council moves.

In a letter to the council in April,  Governor Walker proposed the council approve both the one-week waiting period for the collection of benefits,  and the benefits extension of thirteen weeks.   Officials said a waiting period would save the state $50 million annually.

An extension of benefits would affect more than ten thousand long-term, unemployed residents,  and would make potential benefits available for the jobless for more than a year and half.

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