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Lawmakers react to Budget signing


MADISON (WKOW) -- The budget has stirred political passions for months, and this Sunday just about everyone is talking about it.

The reactions could not be more divided.

Senator Scott Fitzgerald says republicans today - lived up to their expectations.

"Be able to achieve the elimination of the structural deficit as well as a small but significant positive balance," said Sen. Scott Fitzerald, (R) Majority Leader.

Representative Brett Hulsey calls what Governor Walker just signed, the most extreme budget in Wisconsin's history.

The hardest hit he says are schools across the state.

Representative Hulsey adds this budget makes it worse for the unemployed.

Under the budget - those who recently file for unemployment are required to wait a week before they receive benefits.

"That one week is the difference from someone losing their home or apartment or feeding their kids," said Rep. Brett Hulsey, (D - Madison).

"That's almost common sense. You get the same amount of unemployment over the entire time available to someone," said Sen. Scott Fitzerald, (R) Majority Leader.

Senator Fitzgerald says your last paycheck can usually bridge the gap before unemployment kicks in.

Brett Hulsey added what those who oppose this new budget should do, is vote in the recall elections, to send their message back to the governor.

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