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Rhythm & Booms: Where to park?


MADISON (WKOW) --  Madison Police and city traffic engineers have been hard at work determining how to manage traffic and construction around Warner Park.

They've set up shuttle services and made suggested routes for motorists heading to the event Saturday.

They also are planning to have several crash investigation sites near Warner Park, where motorists are encouraged to pull over into, if a traffic crash occurs, so as not to block traffic. They're also staging several tow trucks in case, as well.

Below is the full press release and information about Rhythm and Booms from the city of Madison:

A special traffic plan will again be put into effect to handle traffic exiting the Warner Park area after the Rhythm and Booms fireworks display on Saturday, July 2, 2011.    Following are elements of the plan to guide pedestrians and motorists away from the park area after the event:


  • There is construction on Northport Dr and Packers Ave this year, and while every effort has been made to facilitate the safe and efficient movement of drivers and pedestrians, please drive and walk with caution, as there are commonly increased crash rates in construction zones. Motorists are urged to be patient, and to be aware of the potential delays at the end of the event. Northport Dr and Packers Ave will have two lanes open for travel in each direction, with the exception of one lane for each direction on the bridge over Aberg Ave.


  • Parking will not be allowed on any part of Northport Dr and Packers Ave, even the closed lanes with gravel surface. The closed lanes will be used by pedestrians and emergency vehicles.


  • Crossing of and left turns onto Northport Drive will be permitted from northbound School Road. This will serve drivers who have parked west of Warner Park, and south of Northport, and reduce traffic loading on Westport Drive.


  • At the Highway 113 (Northport Drive)/Highway M intersection, travelers to Waunakee should use the right lane and travelers to Middleton should use the left lane of Northport Drive as they approach this intersection. CTH M has historically been the roadway that is last to clear after the event.


  • ALL westbound Johnson Street/southbound Packers Avenue traffic will be turned left onto N. First Street to access E. Washington Avenue. Southbound Packers Avenue traffic is encouraged to turn left onto International Lane, right on Anderson, and right onto Fair Oaks, for a less congested route to E. Washington Avenue.


  • County Trunk Highway CV between Wheeler Road and US Highway 51 will be open only for ONE-WAY traffic, toward Highway 51, after the show.  Parking on the shoulders of Highways CV and 51, and Hanson Road, as well as airport lands will be prohibited all day Saturday.  The County Sheriff's Department deputies will patrol these areas.


  • More than 200 police officers from the City of Madison Police Department, Dane County Sheriff's Department, the State Patrol and surrounding communities and several Madison traffic engineers will monitor the park as well as direct traffic at numerous intersections within several miles of Warner Park after the event.


  • City Traffic Engineering Division crews will place special signs and barricades at key intersections to guide motorists and facilitate traffic flow away from Warner Park.  Traffic signals in the Isthmus will also be modified to favor westbound traffic, away from the park.


  • Kobussen Buses Ltd will operate shuttle buses between Warner Park and the MATC parking lot (3,600 stalls) at Anderson and Wright Streets.  Bus service will begin at Noon on Saturday with 15-minute intervals.  After the event, bus service will be continuous for about 60 minutes after the fireworks.  The round-trip fare will be $5.00 (children age four and under will ride free).  Event sponsors will also charge a $5.00 parking fee at the MATC lot.  Police will give priority to buses along the route.


  • Parking:  Six parking enforcement officers will be working in the area.  Proper parking is an essential component of the safe and orderly movement of traffic.  Please look for signage that may restrict parking on streets.  Do not block crosswalks, driveways or fire hydrants.  It could cost up to $100 if your vehicle is towed.  Parking on private property without the owner's permission could cost $40.


  • Parking is also available at the airport economy lot, for $6.00 per vehicle, but will be payable upon exit and by credit or debit card only.


  • Motorists parked in the Warner Park parking lot during the fireworks will not be permitted to exit the lot for at least one hour after the fireworks (approximately 11:30 p.m.).  Vehicles parked in handicap stalls will be given priority in leaving the park. Vehicles over 8,000 lbs. including trucks, buses, motor-homes and campers will NOT be permitted in this lot.  Paid parking will be available for large vehicles in the Sherman Plaza Shopping Center lot.


A goal of this exit traffic plan is to allow for safe travel home by minimizing traffic conflicts and delay for pedestrians, drivers and riders attempting to leave the Warner Park area.  We've been successful in past years and anticipate that this year will also be successful. Spectators may help minimize congestion in the following ways:


(1)     Bikers will find bike racks at several locations within the park.

(2)     Take advantage of the shuttle bus.  Arrive early and park in the MATC parking lot to ride the shuttle bus to and from Warner Park.

(3)     Ride Madison Metro. Metro will have extra buses at the North Transfer Station, on Huxley at Aberg. Call 266-4466 for schedule and route information. Last bus leaves at 11:30 p.m.

(4)     Have patience.  Traffic delays can be expected, but traffic delays will end earlier when drivers avoid collisions that temporarily close traffic lanes.

(5)     Park According to Exit Direction.  Motorists who park in the surrounding neighborhoods should park close to the desired exit direction.  For example, those wishing to travel to the northwest should park northwest of Warner Park.  The attached map illustrates the desired exit traffic flow pattern.  Drivers should review this map and choose a parking area that will minimize travel distance and left turns onto main streets after the event.

         Suggested Routes from Warner Park:

  • ·To Middleton – use E Washington Ave, Northport Drive or Westport Road
  • ·To Waunakee – use Northport Drive
    • To west side Madison – use East Washington Avenue
    • To south side Madison – use East Washington Avenue and John Nolen Dr.
    • To east side Madison – use Packers Avenue and Highway 30 (Commercial Avenue)
    • To I-90/94 – use Packers Avenue to CTH CV, Anderson Street, or Highway 30  
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