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Dane Co. 911 Center to get new computer system


DANE COUNTY (WKOW) -- Help will be on the way a bit faster in Dane County, thanks to new technology.

County leaders announced Thursday some major changes to the 911 Center computer system.

It's all part of an audit done by the county a couple years ago.

The computer system in the 911 center currently, is more than 20 years old. Officials are now in the process of implementing a new CAD, or Computer Aided Dispatch Network.

It uses GPS-like technology to find the closest, and fastest emergency response team.

With 1200 calls coming in a day, 911 Center Director John Dejung says 70% are from cell phones.

Dejung says, "As you know, many callers aren't on land lines anymore, with this new system, callers will be located on a map, and it's not dependent if they're at home or not."

This is all part of a string of upgrades done to the center since 2008, when UW-Madison student Brittany Zimmermann was murdered in her downtown apartment, and a 911 operator failed to send anyone after a call from Zimmermann's cell phone.

An audit showed several updates needed to be made to the 911 Center, including new computers, improved training, and this new system.

The $4.2 million dollar system was in the 2011 budget, and it'll cost $400,000 dollars a year to run, but Dane County Executive Joe Parisi says this is an imperative cost that could get emergency crews to citizens faster.

Officials hope to have the new system up and running by April of 2012.

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