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Accused killer tells 27 News of Obama plot


MADISON (WKOW) -- Accused killer James McVay told WKOW 27 News reporter Tony Galli during a jailhouse interview he intended to reach Washington, D.C. to try to carry out a plot to kill President Obama, with a plan to try to harm the president while he was on a golf course.

"One of his favorite pastimes,  golfing;   I was going to get him at the golf range,"   McVay told Galli.

Authorities said hours before McVay's interview with WKOW 27 News at the Dane County jail,  a Secret Service agent interrogated McVay.

McVay was arrested on the interstate near Madison Saturday after a brief chase and stand off.    Authorities allege McVay killed 75-year-old Maybelle Schein at her Sioux Falls home, stole her car and traveled out of South Dakota before his Madison area arrest.

McVay said he made a mistake and "scored some cocaine"  in Madison,  slowing him down and making him more vulnerable to capture.   Authorities said the murder victim's car's OnStar technology allowed tracking of the car and led to finding McVay.

McVay was recently released from a South Dakota prison to community supervision.   McVay said during his imprisonment,  he was interrogated on two separate occasions by Secret Service agents because he intended to harm Vice President Biden,  later changing his target to the president.

"I played the game that I didn't have any homicidal intentions and I talked to Secret Service."

McVay said during a period of solitary confinement in a South Dakota prison his feelings hardened against Biden and Obama as he listened to national talk radio shows hosted by Sean Hannity,  Rush Limbaugh and others.

McVay cited Obama's economic policies and other moves as a basis for the assassination plot,  but also said alien forces were using Obama as a "puppet."

McVay referred to Schein's killing as "collateral damage,"  but expressed no remorse after taking responsibility for her fatal stabbing.

"There was no malice or anything,  it wasn't personal.   She was in my way and I removed her."

McVay told Galli he needed to kill Schein to prevent her from slowing him down and notifying police about him.   McVay said he planned to kill others as needed to obtain cars and weapons as he went to Washington. D.C.,  and said he planned to kill a police officer in Madison.

When asked whether he considered himself mentally stable,   McVay said that was for others to decide,  although he admitted to hallucinations.

South Dakota authorities are requesting McVay's extradition.   McVay said he would not oppose the request,  stating he assured arresting officer Kipp Hartman he would cooperate after Hartman exhibited professionalism in dealing with McVay.

McVay said he was undaunted by the prospect of a possible death penalty sentence if convicted of charges in South Dakota.

"If that's what fate has in store for me,  let's do it.   Otherwise,  I'm coming for Obama."

On two separate occasions,  McVay walked away from minimum security custody in South Dakota.

McVay was shackled during his interview with WKOW27's Galli,  behind protective glass,  and watched by two sheriff's deputies.  


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