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Police went to couple's apartment before children's deaths


MADISON (WKOW) --  Madison police records show officers were sent to the apartment of David Hoem and his girlfriend Monday, less than 24 hours before the woman reported her two young boys missing.  

Authorities say the bodies of the boys, ages 3 and 4, were later found in a car on the east side early Wednesday morning. Hoem is jailed on suspicion of a parole violation and is a person of interest in the children's deaths.

Records show officers were dispatched to the Moorland Road apartment just before 6 p.m. Monday,  with the police call description listed as "Domestic/Family Trouble."

Madison police spokesperson Officer Howard Payne told WKOW27 News records indicate someone had reported a woman yelling.   Payne said responding officers were not able to locate anyone,  after going to the apartment,  and checking outside of the apartment building.

The next day, authorities said Hoem's girlfriend came to Madison police headquarters and alleged she was the victim of domestic violence by Hoem.

Authorities said about three hours after the woman reported the alleged domestic violence,  she re-contacted police officials and reported the boys missing.  

Authorities said Hoem picked up the boys from their father's home and said he was taking them shopping.

Officials said Hoem surrendered to police early Wednesday morning,  but did not reveal the location of the boys. Authorities said an officer found the bodies of the children.

Hoem was released from prison last year after serving sentences for false imprisonment and revoked parole on another conviction.

There is nothing to indicate officers searched for Hoem in the hours after Hoem had been accused of domestic violence and before the children were reported missing.  

"It wasn't as if there was an incident,  then three days passed,  then there was another incident.   We're talking about hours,"   Payne told WKOW27 News.  

Payne said investigating the domestic violence accusation and then shifting to the children's disappearance was a fluid situation,  but said officers and other department officials worked efficiently.

Natesha Davis of Madison was the victim of Hoem's false imprisonment in 2006.   Davis said she was shocked when she learned her former boyfriend and tormentor was a suspect in the children's deaths.

"I didn't even know he was out of jail,  I was never notified that he was out of jail or anything."

A department of corrections spokesperson said there's no record of Davis being enrolled as a crime victim.   Such enrollment leads to a victim's notification of the planned release of her perpetrator.

In the 2006 crime,  Hoem held a gun to Davis' head and forced her into a basement covered with plastic bags.

"I thought he was going to kill me."   Davis used a ruse of being pregnant to persuade Hoem to back down.

"When he went to jail for holding me hostage at gunpoint,  he should never have gotten out of jail,  ever."  

"Innocent babies,  that's crazy."

Police officials said a decision on whether to criminally charge Hoem in connection to the children's deaths is expected next week.

Authorities have yet to release the causes of the deaths.

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