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Non-partisan group against GOP redistricting maps


MADISON (WKOW) -- A non-partisan group is speaking out against Republican redistricting maps criticizing the process the majority party used.

The maps only need Governor Scott Walker's signature to become law, but the League of Women voters is asking Governor Walker to veto the plan. Andrea Kaminski says, "we hope the Governor will rise about the fray and reject these maps."

Kaminski is the Executive Director of the Wisconsin League of Women Voters.

Kaminski says, "our position has been sometimes unpopular with the Democrats and sometimes unpopular with Republicans, but our position hasn't changed."

She says for 20 years her non-partisan group has been an advocate for non-partisan redistricting.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald says, "The first thing I would question is whether the League of Women Voters is a non-partisan organization. That's certainly not my impression. I think it's a very left leaning group."

Republicans released new redistricting maps on July 8th, 12 days later they were on their way to the Governor. Kaminski says it's that fast paced process they have a problem with.

Kaminski says, "we believe process is important, that the Wisconsin way involves citizen participation and this just throws that out."

Scott Fitzgerald says, "We're according to some, behind the 8 ball and we're being sued for not moving quick enough and then at the same time being criticized by Democrats in the legislature for moving too quickly so you can't make anyone happy these days."

In response to the League of Women Voters Governor Walker's spokesperson Cullen Werwie said: "The Governor has not reviewed the maps yet. The most important thing on the redistricting maps isn't the process they go through to become finalized, but rather that they follow the law by keeping communities of interest in tact and encouraging minority participation."

Kaminski says, "we would like to see it not in the hands of the legislators who stand to win or lose because of the way the districts are drawn."

Kaminski says they want to the process in the hands of a bi-partisan commission, an idea Sen. Fitzgerald says may be entertained down the road, but not now.

Sen. Fitzgerald says, "the idea of a bi-partisan commission or someone else can draw it that may be something the legislature would actually move forward and do in the future, but that's not our situation right now."

Senator Tim Cullen, D-Janesville, proposed a bill making the redistricting process non-partisan. Kaminski says the support the spirit of what he's doing, but they haven't decided yet if they support his specific bill.

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