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Parisi touts economic achievements in first 100 days

MADISON (WKOW) -- Joe Parisi made the transition from the legislature to county government in April.

Economic development, the county budget and environmental protection are just a few of the things Parisi has focused on his first 100 days in office.

Parisi says the transition from the state legislature to county government has gone very smoothly.

Parisi says, "the timing was great for me. Before I served in the Assembly I served 8 years as the county clerk so I had a pretty good grasp on county government already."

On day 1 Parisi started tackling the county budget head on. Together with Sheriff Dave Mahoney, they decided to shut down one floor of the Huber Center, a move that will save the county a million dollars going into the next budget.

Parisi says, "I knew coming into it, the state was handing us the most challenging budget we've ever had to face as a county there are certainly issues I want to tackle, but so far, I've been very happy with how productive we've been able to be."

Economic development in Dane County has been another priority scheduling a series of six summits with businesses involved in different sectors of the economy.

It's an opportunity for people involved in those sectors to tell Parisi what their needs are and how the county can help. So far they've had three summits, including one Wednesday with green energy jobs.

"Today we will hold a green jobs energy summit to get input from people involved in the clean energy field or green jobs field about what their needs are and how the county could perhaps help them flourish and grow and make sure their businesses stay strong," said Parisi.

At the end of all six summits, Parisi says they will compile a report looking at where there are gaps. That information will then be put into a proposal in the county budget with the goal of creating a department of economic development.

Environmentally he's already started a program working with farm families to combat a long time blue-green algae problem in Dane county's lakes and when it comes to public safety he feels he's made some great strides.

Parisi says, "we also moved forward on a computerized dispatch system for our 911 which will help protect our citizens even more and coordinate where different responders are with where an accident might be."

100 days in and many more left in his four year term, Parisi has a long list of much more to accomplish.

Parisi says, "moving forward we're going to have to continue to look for innovation, we're going to have to figure out some of these cuts, it will be a challenge , it will definitely be a challenge, but we'll get there."

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