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Protest against governor, Opportunities Inc.


FORT ATKINSON (WKOW) -- A company known for helping people with disabilities faces criticism for how it is treating its workers.

People gathered in Fort Atkinson in protest of the business and Gov. Scott Walker.

Walker joined Opportunities, Inc. on Thursday in celebrating 45 years, but not everyone there was celebrating.

While some chanted for the recall of Gov. Walker, others were more concerned about the company he was visiting.

Opportunities, Inc. prides itself on training, hiring and empowering people with disabilities, but Robert Heussner says there is another side that people do not know about.

He has been working with production at the company as a temporary worker for three years.

Heussner describes the working conditions as an "American version of a Chinese sweatshop," saying many make $7.50 an hour for years without much hope of getting a raise, no benefits and no vacation.

"Thank goodness we have minimum wage laws, and we have overtime laws," Heussner said. "I don't know what it would be like if we didn't because we get the bare minimum protected by law."

Security was ready outside the event, escorting guests through the crowd of protesters.

The company property was roped off with signs warning against trespassing, closing the event off to the public and the media.

Heussner says he has been back to work since speaking out against Opportunities, Inc., but no one has approached him to discuss the problem.

The company declined to comment following a request from 27 News.

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