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Recall races hit final stretch


MADISON (WKOW) -- Tuesday, voters will cast ballots in six Republican Senate recall elections.

The stakes are high: the outcome of the election could shift power in the Senate. Senate Republicans hold the majority with 19 GOP members and 14 Democrats.

That means Democratic challengers would have to win at least three of Tuesday's elections, without losing any senate democrats in the August 16th recall election.

With so much on the line, all of the candidates have been out in force this weekend working to get out the vote.

Incumbent Republican Senator Alberta Darling is up against Democratic State Representative Sandy Pasch.

Darling says, "There's a very clear difference between going back to the Pasch/Doyle days or going forward with Alberta Darling whose made the tough decisions, who is a leader in turning this state around, and is being recalled for doing what she was elected to do."

Pasch says, "It is not a single issue, it is a senator who refused to standup for the people of the 8th Senate District. Who turned away when they called, who refused to listen when they called, who refused to respond when they sent letters."

Recall efforts attracted millions of dollars from national unions and conservative groups. But candidates like Republican Senator Luther Olsen and Representative Fred Clark say they're still independent voices.

In fact, Olsen says he's done nothing to deserve this.

Olsen says, "This recall, is totally different. This recall is saying, you know what? You voted for something, we didn't like it, and now we're going to recall you. Normally most people think, and I talked to a lot of people, and this recall is for doing something ... illegal."

Clark says, "It's on whether or not their senators have done the job they were sent to Madison to do. And that includes being accountable and available to the people at home.

Candidates agree it will all come down to voter turnout.

That's why Senator Robert Cowles is busy getting the word out in his race against challenger Nancy Nusbaum.

Cowles says, "I was at four events yesterday, a typical day for me is four, five maybe even six events if I have enough energy."

Democratic Senator Mark Miller was campaigning for Nusbaum Sunday, and said, "This is one of those areas that has voted for a Republican state senator for decades, and the fact that Nancy Nusbaum is tied basically in this election means it's very encouraging, it's within reach."

In the 18th senate district, Democrat Jessica King says the spoiler candidate that forced a primary election gave them more time to campaign.

Republican Senator Randy Hopper says he got time to show that the budget repair law is working

Hopper says, "Even though there was a reduction in money to schools, Fond du Lac was able to balance their budget, and for the first time in recent years, class sizes won't go up in the school district."

King says, "I actually think the time was to my benefit because it allowed me to have the debates, have the forums, have the extra voter contact."

Heading into the 2012 Presidential election, the recall outcomes could have national implications.

Two Senate democrats face recalls August 16th. Democrat Dave Hansen won his recall election in July.

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