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Hoem pleads not guilty to double homicide charges


MADISON (WKOW) -- The man accused of killing two young brothers on Madison's east side was in court today.

He's charged with killing 3-year-old Kemaury and 4-year-old Kevin McArthur on July 5th, among other charges.

"He's gunna kill me he's gunna bash my head with a hammer," said Denise McGee, the children's mother.

Chilling words from the former girlfriend of David Hoem. She says on July 4th, two days before her children were found dead, an argument took place, where Hoem was worried she'd leave him.

"He drug me by my neck with his arm," said McGee.

Also on the stand, the lead detective detailed Hoem's confession almost a month after his arrest.

"He stated he wanted to plead guilty and plead guilty now," said Detective Tracie Jokala, Madison Police Department.

Hoem told police how he picked up the children and drove aimlessly around an industrial park on Madison's east side.

"He backed into a stall and proceeded to call his girlfriend, Denise," said Detective Jakala.

The detective says he became frustrated she wouldn't take his calls, and only had one battery for his two cell phones.

He began to look around the car for it.

"When he turned around he saw Kemaury had it in his mouth and Kevin Junior was fighting him over it," said Detective Jokala.

Hoem told police he then blacked out, and when he awoke - the boys necks were in each of his hands.

"He described one was drooling and a gasping noise," said Jokala.

Hoem told police the last thing he remembers, is walking away from the car.

Today in court, Hoem pleaded not guilty to all charges against him.

If convicted, he could serve life in prison.

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