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Rep. Robin Vos wants to change recall laws in Wis.


MADISON (WKOW) -- Republican Rep. Robin Vos wants to "recall the recalls."

Vos plans to introduce an amendment to revise the state constitution to clarify the reasons why a politician can be recalled this fall.

He says under his plan the number of signatures required to trigger a recall would not be changed. But, the amendment would require that a petition contain a reason for the recall that is related to the official responsibilities of the person being recalled.

Currently, local recall elections rules require a reason to be presented. State recall elections do not.

The amendment, Vos says, would help create uniform laws. It would also help prevent recall elections that are based on a politicians' voting record, which Vos says are simply "not fair to them or the taxpayer."

Instead, recall elections would primarily target politicians convicted of a crime or an ethical violation.

Vos says he is hoping this is the first piece of bi-partisan legislation passed during the fall legislative session.

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