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Good News from the States -- States across the country, from Alaska to Maine, have been positively impacted by the new benefits and grants made possible by the Affordable Care Act. Because all states have their own unique circumstances, state governments have been given the flexibility and responsibility to lead their own health reform implementation process. Funds and programs provided by the Affordable Care Act allow states to implement systems and reforms that work for their individual needs and provide the greatest benefit to their citizens.

The Affordable Care Act takes steps to ensure effective review of insurance costs and already states have begun to take the lead.  To date, 40 States, the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands have set in motion effective procedures to evaluate insurance rates for all insurance markets and issuers. This oversight ensures that insurers in those areas operate with transparency and that large premium hikes in those states and territories will receive close scrutiny.

States are also doing innovative work to help consumers navigate the insurance market.  Recently, North Carolina launched a new consumer assistance program focused on health insurance issues. Using funds awarded to the state under the Affordable Care Act, North Carolina is helping consumers navigate the insurance system and receive information about their consumer rights.

What's more, over half of states have passed legislation or taken administrative action to begin building Affordable Insurance Exchange.  An Exchange is an insurance marketplace that can help consumers look for, compare and buy affordable health plans.  These will help you find out if you're eligible for health programs or tax credits that make coverage more affordable.  In 2014, consumers in every state will have access to an Affordable Insurance Exchange that will make having affordable health coverage much easier.

We are thankful to be working with so many creative and dedicated state partners. Because states know best what works best for their citizens, we look forward to seeing the ways in which more states use the resources provided by the Affordable Care Act to bring quality, more affordable health coverage to their citizens.

Check out the Implementation Center to find out all the ways the Affordable Care Act has benefitted your state.

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