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Paul Ryan weighs in on GOP Presidential Candidates


WALWORTH COUNTY (WKOW) -- Congressman Paul Ryan looked like a presidential candidate Friday afternoon, shaking hands at the Walworth County Fair for four hours.

He admits there was a lot of pressure to get in the race.

"There were a lot of people who approached me in August and I think that's because the window is now closing to enter the presidential election," said Rep. Ryan, (R) Janesville.

While Rep. Ryan is convinced he made the right decision, he knows people wanted him to run because the current crop of Republican candidates have yet to outline any real plans to pull the country out of its financial crisis.

"I think its because, I put out a specific plan, a specific budget.  It fixes the tax system to create jobs, it pays off our national debt, avoids a debt crisis and that's what people are hungry for," said Rep. Ryan.  "They're yearning for leadership."

Ryan scoffed at the suggestion that plan may have actually hurt him politically, because his proposed changes to Medicare were so poorly received by many seniors.

"The funny part about that is our plan protects seniors, doesn't change benefits for anybody above 55, the President's current health care law hurts Medicare and current seniors," said Rep. Ryan.

Ryan goes further, saying President Obama's economic policies are hurting Americans of every age.

He expects little from the job plan the President will unveil next Thursday night.

"I hope the President doesn't just bring out the same old ideas that have failed to work that have gotten us deeper into debt," said Rep. Ryan.  "I hope that he will look at some of the ideas we've offered, some of the tax reform ideas we've offered."

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