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Teaching students about 9/11


MADISON (WKOW) -- More teachers in Madison schools are discussing the terror attacks and their impact, as we near the 10th anniversary.

"I guess I just want them to understand what happened and why we're still talking about it today," said Nancy Gritt, a social studies teacher at Hamilton Middle School.

Nancy Gritt is one of several Madison teachers planning to discuss 9/11 with students this year.

"Special items come along that just have to be studied," said Eric Goelzer, who also teaches social studies at Hamilton.

Even if it's an incredibly difficult topic to cover in a day or two.

"Considering that this one event dramatically changed this country, it would be unjust to just throw them out there with little to no knowledge of this act, and what it has done to change the world."

 But 9/11, when compared to the other subjects in school text books, is a relatively recent event. It happened in the students' lifetime and still stirs a lot of emotion in Americans. So the school district and the teachers say they want to be careful about how they handle it.

"9/11 is going to precipitate discussion, but it's going to be guided discussion," said Susan Hamblin.

Hamblin is with Social Studies Curriculum and Assessment at Madison Metro Schools and sent teachers a list of resources to help them tackle the subject.

"Most of my information is going to come from the Smithsonian, and it's specifically looking at teaching kids about 9/11," said Goelzer.

"Asking those essential questions and driving questions, and then you get to the facts," said Hamblin.

If you would like to start a conversation with your child, http://www.911memorial.org provides tips for talking to kids about 9/11.


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