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FBI agents investigate the home of former Walker aide


A quiet east Madison neighborhood awoke to the sound of FBI agents pounding a battering ram on the door of a home at 502 Dunning Street around 6:45 a.m.

"I saw Cindy come out once with one of the agents in the back and she looked like she was fine," said next-door neighbor Dale Riechers.

Archer was a key member of Governor Scott Walker's staff in Milwaukee County and at the state level until August 19th.

That's the day she quit her $124,000 a year job at the Department of Administration citing "personal family matters."

Curiously, the day before, she had accepted a $99,000 a year job at the Department of Children and Families, but still hasn't started there, because she's been on a leave of absence.

"I knew she worked for Walker, but I didn't know how high up she was until I read online, this morning, the article that appeared in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel," said Riechers.

The Journal-Sentinel broke the story this morning, reporting that FBI agents had raided the house and stayed here for more than two hours.

"I saw agents taking pictures inside her SUV here and inside the garage windows and they said that they were definitely looking for something," said Riechers.

According to the newspaper account, the agents eventually removed a large bankers box from the house.

The paper also speculated the raid might have something to do with a John Doe investigation in Milwaukee that's related to a former Walker staffer, who posted political commentary on web sites while she was working in the Milwaukee County Executive's office.

But, late this afternoon, Archer sent an e-mail to the paper telling them she is not involved in that investigation.

Neither she nor the FBI is saying why her home was raided.

"I hope whatever happens she's able to steer clear of it.  But, I just have no idea what's going on," said Riechers.  "FBI's involved and we're all scratching our heads about it."

The FBI referred all questions to the Milwaukee County District Attorney's office.

While that would suggest the investigation stems from Archer's time in the Milwaukee County Executive's office, the district attorney would not comment on the investigation.

Cullen Werwie, a spokesperson for Governor Walker, also refused to comment today.


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