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Project Money: Jones Coach


MADISON (WKOW)--Emily Lane, a Summit Credit Union manager, is coaching Jennifer Jones in the 2011 Project Money.

"Probably the biggest challenge, like anyone changing their budget, is finding that comfortable balance between having fun, but maybe limiting it a little more than you used to," says Lane, in her second season as a Project Money coach.

"I want to have a rainy day fund so that I have enough money put away so that if anything does happen; if I lose my job or experience a cut in pay, I do have some cushion," says Jones.

"Jennifer had done a really good job so far. She had a good cushion in a savings account for an emergency, house savings," says Lane.

"The first couple of months are always the most difficult when you're changing and you're used to going out for lunch or drinks and you suddenly cut that back. Your friends aren't sure what's going on, so the first couple of weeks and months are the most difficult/painful But once you get through that then it just becomes kind of second nature," observes Lane.

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