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Top Walker administration official denies wrongdoing


MADISON (WKOW) --  One day after FBI agents and other law enforcement officers carried out a predawn search of Walker administration official Cindy Archer's Madison home, Archer told WKOW 27 News reporter Tony Galli she has done nothing improper, but declined to discuss specifics of the Wednesday search.

"They could have knocked,"   Archer told WKOW27 News.   "I would have let them in.   It was quite a rude awakening."  

Archer works for the state Department of Children and Families, after a previous, higher paying stint with the Department of Administration. Archer also worked for Governor Walker when Walker was Milwaukee County executive. Another county official, Darlene Wink was caught making political posts to web sites while on the job, and a secret John Doe investigation is taking place with the involvement of Milwaukee County's district attorney.

In the interview with Galli, Archer said she was involved with no political work while on state time,  and said she had nothing hide.

"The governor has never asked me to do anything inappropriate.   I've never done anything that I feel was inappropriate,"   Archer told Galli.   Archer added her work practices were ethical and legal when she was Walker's subordinate at Milwaukee County as well.

Archer acknowledged the search was connected to the ongoing probe, but told 27 News law enforcement officers at her home Wednesday had "told" her not to discuss any details of their presence or what they seized from the home.

Archer declined to comment on whether officers were interested in any of her belongings in connection to Wink's conduct, or any other county employee.

Archer said she is on medical leave from her job, using accumulated sick leave payments during her absence. Archer's job change involved a $25,000 cut in pay, but she did not characterize the job change as a demotion. Archer said the job change was through "mutual agreement" with Walker and said her position involves less stress and more policy work.

Archer's predecessor at the Department of Children and Families was paid more than $10,000 less than Archer. Archer declined comment on the salary difference, and officials with the DCF and the governor's office have yet to respond to requests Thursday from WKOW 27 News for information on the position's increased salary.

Archer said the FBI search was "unsettling," but said she did not plan to hire an attorney.    

"I've been a public servant my whole career.   I've a good sense of what's appropriate and not appropriate." 

Officers at the scene of the search referred reporter questions to Milwaukee County district attorney John Chisholm,  who has declined comment.

During the interview, Archer said she often worked from home on state business. Archer acknowledged giving a neighbor one of her computer hard drives, but said it was not an attempt to keep secret or dispose of computer data.


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