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Rep. Nass calls for review of Capitol Police Chief Tubbs


MADISON (WKOW) -- Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs could face a review of his work at the Capitol.

Rep. Stephen Nass (R-Whitewater) is calling for the review that could result in a possible removal from Tubbs' position. The review has been called for following some liberal protestors in Madison getting aggressive with Republican lawmakers. Rep. Nass says, Chief Tubbs is the person to blame for this increase in aggression, because he's gone out of his way to go easy on protesters occupying the Capitol for weeks earlier this year.

Nass said, "By not doing anything, by treating them with kid gloves, that made it worse. If they'd done more, we would not be seeing what we're seeing today."

Nass says, protesters have continued to get away with more and more, until last week when they stalked and one of them assaulted three Republican lawmakers in a Madison hotel bar, by dumping a beer over their heads.

Nass is calling on the Department of Administration to investigate Tubbs' actions over the year. Nass wants Tubbs removed from his position if it's found that he neglected his duty of keeping lawmakers safe.

Tubbs spent much of February and March personally overseeing the protests, and talking to protesters. There were minimal arrests in the months involving hundreds of protesters, and the protests stayed relatively calm.

Two protesters were arrested in the assembly chambers last Tuesday, when they videotaped the proceedings.

Nass said, "If they were arrested vigorously, I believe that would slow them [protesters]."

Democratic Rep. Terese Berceau said, "I think Steve Nass wants to portray the police as the problem. Maybe that's because they're not doing what he would like, or not arresting as many people as he would like, and that's the absolute worst approach."

Rep. Berceau says this shows people do still care about collective bargaining, but she also added, "I do think we have a select group of people that some of us could talk to, and say hey, we want to keep the focus on the issues, not on your behavior."

At the daily Solidarity Sing along, many protesters told 27 News they support Chief Tubbs.

Brandon Barwick said, "I think Chief Tubbs has had an incredibly challenging last seven months, and I think he's doing a great job."

Barwick added, "I agree with peaceful protesting, using our knowledge, our intellect... to make a difference in the world."

Other protesters told 27 News they support a review of Chief Tubbs, but for a different reason. They say Capitol police are making too many unconstitutional arrests.

Jeremy Ryan said, "We're just silently being arrested.. we're not resisting... not throwing anything, not pouring anything... we're not damaging anything."

27 News did speak with Chief Tubbs Wednesday. He had no comment on the situation.

The Department of Administration would not comment either.

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