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Project Money: Brown's coach


DEFOREST (WKOW)--Juli and Larry Brown are willing to put in the work; they both have second jobs; they just needed some help to save more of their hard-earned money.

"We had good hopes and cutting debt and starting to save. We tried and failed and tried and failed," says Juli. "Trying to get these debts paid off. That's the hardest part. And trying to save some while we're paying the debt off," notes Larry.

"They were not aware of where the expenses were going. And I think in the first couple of weeks, we made some good progress there. They didn't even realize how much that adds up and it was an 'ah-ha' moment for them," observes Brown's coach Mike Bunge.

Bunge says they came into Project Money with a great work ethic and a familiar situation. "They're not in catastrophic problems with their debt. it's very normal debt: car loans, mortgage, a little credit card, but we can work at that."

The Browns are also working hard to save money for college for their kids, Lexi and Larry Jr. The parents deliver newspapers everyday.

"They knew the situation they were in, they knew they had to do something to get extra income, so, I give them just a ton of credit for doing that. To really have the discipline to get something like that going so they at least have a start, is going to be the big challenge," says Bunge.

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