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Does it Work? Slap Chop


MADISON (WKOW) -- With just a slap, it's supposed to chop veggies, fruits and nuts. And according to the infomercial, it'll even lift your spirits!

 "You are going to be in a great mood all day because you are going to be slapping your troubles away with the slap chop," says the commercial.

But is this kitchen gadget all it's chopped up to be?

We took the slap chop to the home of Greg Stroupe, a Cottage Grove resident. He's an electrician by day, but cooks for himself at night. Together, we tackle ingredients to make a stir fry - starting with yellow peppers.

"We'll that's ready to go," said Greg.

So far, so good. And check out the zucchini.

"Oh, I like that," said Greg.

But things take a turn when we get to onions. It removes the skin like the ad promises but the gadget gets clogged. And it happens with potatoes too.

"That's not going to work," said Greg.

And this jam-up happens more often than not.

"I want to point out that there is nuts stuck in there," said Reporter Sabrina Hall.

It causes Greg, to stop making lunch several times, just to clean out the device and put it back together again. The slow down took away the slap chop's advantages over a knife. It's quicker, yes. But it almost over does it, even with just a few chops.

"I don't think I would do peas in this thing," said Greg. "It doesn't cut them it destroys them!"

And in the end, Greg's hand-chopped stir fry turns out better. So, I left the slap chop verdict up to Greg.

"Overall score for the slap chop," asked Hall.

"One out of four stars," said Greg. "Yeah, I give it a star."

It looks like after all the slapping and chopping, the slap chop gets the ax.

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