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Paranormal business: Interest in Halloween grows along with "real-life" ghosts

STOUGHTON (WKOW) -- Whether you believe in ghouls, goblins, ghosts or not, one thing is for sure: it's good business.

The National Retail Federation estimates consumers will spend a record $72 a person on Halloween this year.

Elsing's Second Hand Shop in Stoughton is in the paranormal business all year long.

The owners insist the place is haunted, and they've had several paranormal investigators check it out to verify.

"We've been here a dozen times and we've caught a lot of different electronic voice phenomenon, or EVPs here. We've had physical manipulation of objects into the aisles, which is something the owner has reported," said Noah Leigh of Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee.

Owners say many customers are attracted to the store to try to experience something otherworldly.

Haunted houses that don't bill themselves as truly haunted have been gaining popularity as well.

According to haunted house trade websites, haunted houses and haunted theme parks generate $400 million to $500 million dollars across the country each year.

Nearly 23 percent of consumers planned to a visit a haunted house this Halloween. That's an 8 percent jump from 2005, according to the National Retail Federation.

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