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Does it Work? EZ Moves


MADISON (WKOW) -- "Hi. I am David Jones - here to show you how you can move any piece of furniture by yourself," says the commercial.

It seems simple enough: A product that makes moving stuff easy.

"Just, lift, place and slide," says the commercial. "Your furniture simple glides across any surface."

And the infomercial makes EZ Moves look impressive too.

"Are we ready? Amazing!," Jones says while moving a car.

But does it really work?

"We have a baby now and we have to vacuum around big pieces of furniture," said Dana Dubisky.

The product caught the eye of new mother Dana Dubisky, who thought it might help around the house.

"It would be really nice to move them easily to get the vacuum in there," she said.

We hooked up the device and got to work. Starting with her kitchen table.

"That's going to be the tough part, getting it under there," Dana said, talking about the lifter.

We found a problem off the bat, Reporter Sabrina Hall had to help her get the lifter in place. And once we got the EZ slides under the table, another roadblock.

"Uh oh. It broke! Now the rubber is stuck under there!," said Dana.

The black tip on the lifter, that's supposed to protect your furniture, seems to come off too easy.

But after the hassle, the product did seem to make a difference.

"It's definitely easier," she said.

So we take it for a bigger test: Dana's Tempur-Pedic bed. But we run into a similar problem. This time more serious

"I've got my whole body weight on this thing and it's not lifting the back leg," said Dana.

Hall got involved again. Even the photographer, Mike Kellogg steps in, who ends up getting the job done.

"That is not easy," he said.

Once the slides are finally under each corner of the bed, which took more than 10 minutes by the way, Dana gives it a shot. She is only able to move it a few inches with a lot of effort.

While the product did help make moving the kitchen table a little smoother, Dana made up her mind about the product.

"I would give it maybe a one star," she said.

One star for EZ Moves. It's something, Dana realizes she already has at home.

"It would be my husband and I'm going to stick with that," said Dana.

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