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Does it Work? Emery Cat Board


MADISON (WKOW) - Trying to clip your kitty's claws can be difficult at best. So, a product that promises to make the process less painful seems like an easy sell.

"Now your cat can trim her own claws with Emery Cat," says the commercial. "The fun new kitty scratcher that actually grooms cats' claws while they play."

"I've always wanted to try it," said Jill Courtney, a west Madison resident.

Jill is hoping the Emery Cat works with 2-year-old Tucker, at least for the sake of her furniture.

"He is a scratcher," said Jill. "The first set of furniture I ever had, he ripped it to shreds."

We put the product to the test. We first, as suggested, sprinkle the board with cat nip and add this feather to attract tucker's attention. The cat immediately gives the feather a sniff, but that's about it. We pet Tucker on top of it, we entice him with his favorite toy and Reporter Sabrina Hall even does a demo of how the product works. But the cat finds her fingers more interesting than the emery board. It may be too much pressure for Tucker so, we leave the board for him to use at his leisure.

This is what Jill captures on home video: her cat hitting the feather toy.

"The only time he's touched it is to play with the little toy on it," said Jill. "He'll lay by the Emery Cat but he will not scratch on it."

And here's the proof, after a week and a half Tucker's nails didn't look trimmed, they looked longer.

But, we give the product one last chance because Sabrina's cat tends to like scratch boards that are flat. Her dog seemed to like the toy, but would cat Fancy take to the emery board?

After a little coaxing, a miracle happened. The cat scratches for two seconds. But it was never seen again in the Hall household. After a week, the feather toy was ripped to shreds and Sabrina's cat's claws were still as sharp as daggers.

So, in the end, we stick to Jill's rating of the emery cat board.

"In terms of cutting the nails and all that stuff I would give it zero," said Jill.

Zero stars for a product that costs $19.95 and leads us right back to the clippers.

As a last ditch effort, Sabrina gave the Emery Cat to another Madison resident who has eight cats and he reports, three of his eight cats used the board and liked it.  He has also noticed a difference in their nails. The other five cats didn't use it, so he is giving the Emery Cat a 2.5 star rating.


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