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A Smarter Way to Shop


MADISON (WKOW) -- Times are tough with the current economy and many of you are making cuts to your bottom line, with mobile and Internet coupons. But, can they really save you significant money with the essentials in life? 

For example, what about at the grocery store? And what do you need to know about the fine print? We shopped around for the answers. 

Shopra, Coupons.com, Coupon Sherpa; Internet coupons are plentiful but are they worth it?

Mom Liisa Analore says, "I probably could buy a car with the amount of money I've saved with the coupons."

Liisa Analore is your typical Wisconsin mom - she's busy and she's on a budget.

Liisa sys, "with internet sites, typically you can search them quicker than you search the inserts that come in the newspaper."

Liisa has five kids, so she's all about the internet and mobile deals. Especially at the grocery store. 

She says, "I save about 33 percent on my bill," and she says you can too.

But, you'll need to schedule an hour of time for online research of different sites each week. Then you can find the products, print off those coupons, and start shopping for those deals.

Liisa and 27 News' Elishah Oesch gave it a try to see if it would work, and found deals from coffee creamer to pizza. 

The end result? Liisa's bill went from $141.00 to $111.00 just by using internet coupons. However, there is a catch. Not all stores accept all types of internet coupons, so you need to know, "what they will accept and how many products you can purchase with multiple coupons."  

For example, at Metcalfes, they accept internet coupons, except when they seem fraudulent. 

Owner Tim Metcalfe says, "an item might be worth $1.50 but the coupon is for $3.00 off, and that's where a lot of the fraud is and your systems have to be able to pick that up."

The same is true at places like Woodman's. They take internet coupons, but under a list of conditions you can see as you walk through the front doors. Including, no free items via internet coupons. Not everyone agrees with that. 

David Moore works with Madisonperks.com. He says, "in a digital world in 2012, everything is instant. It should be that way. You don't have time."

Overall stores understand that. Mainly because, it helps them too.

As Tim Metcalfe says, "it brings business in the store." 

Also, with more advancements on the way for mobile and internet coupons, more people might use them.  As on now, you can get the coupon apps on smart phones. But, the way of the future is you transfer those onto a specific card for a specific store. Then you run that card and you don't have to bother with printing off paper coupons.

Tim Metcalfe says, of his store, "we're probably six months to a year away from being able to do that." 

While we have to wait for those updates, Liisa says, she's just happy for what's available now. She says, "they have absolutely saved me a lot of money" and she plans to keep using them.

Here are some great mobile and internet coupon sites to check out:






Here are some of our local grocery stores' websites where you can also find deals for each week:





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