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Does it Work? Pasta Boat and Eggies


MADISON (WKOW) -- It doesn't take a master chef to make pasta or hard boiled eggs, but these two products promise to make the experience even easier: the Pasta Boat and Eggies.

"Just add the pasta and put water to the serving line and pop it in the microwave," says the Pasta Boat commercial.

 "The fast easy way to cook hard boiled eggs without the shell," says the commercial for Eggies. "Just crack and pour in your egg boil it right on your stove top, then twist it open for a perfect hard boiled egg every time."

And who better to test out products that simplify basic kitchen cooking' than two bachelors living on the West side of Madison.

"So, what is your cooking philosophy in this house?," asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

"My philosophy happens around the corner," said Dave Stremikis. "There is a microwave."

Dave Stremikis and Matt Emden seemed perfect for the job. So they get to work, starting with the Pasta Boat. Dave fills the container with water, plops the in the spaghetti and sets the microwave for 18 minutes. Meanwhile, Matt makes spaghetti the old fashioned way: in a pot, on the stove. We'll compare the results in a bit. Now on to eggs.

"How do you normally make eggs my friend?," asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

"I put them in a pot of water and boil them for 10 minutes," said Matt.

Matt gets going on that while Dave tries to figure out "Eggies". We notice right away, there are a lot of pieces and it's not so easy to figure them out

The instructions also require Dave to coat each Eggie with non-stick spray.

"I am already exhausted here," said Dave.

After filling each Eggie with egg, and creating a bit of a mess, Dave's Eggies go head to head with Matt's plain ones on the stove. While they boil, let's check on the pasta.

The strainer on the Pasta Boat worked well and stayed on tight, but how did the noodles turn out?

"This is pretty good," said Matt.

"Yeah, its not bad," said Dave.

The guys agree, the Past Boat worked and the noodles took seven minutes less to prepare.

As for Eggies, the product didn't seem to save any time at all. In a race, Matt finished first, in half the time, peeling his eggs by hand and the Eggies eggs don't come out looking too good.

"It's like over-cooked on the outside and under cooked on the inside," said Matt.

In the end, the guys give Eggies two thumbs down.

"I think zero stars is sufficient," said Dave.

Zero stars for a product that left a lot to clean up.

The Pasta Boat, however, get's a better review

 "It does work," said Matt.

A solid three star rating for keeping things simple for two bachelors in the kitchen.

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