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Does it Work? Plaque Attack


MADISON (WKOW) -- "You love your pet but hate those nasty teeth - those foul gums, that awful breath," says the commercial.

The brush? Too much fuss. You can now spray your dog's plaque away with plaque attack. At least that's the claim of the infomercial. It pushes a product that supposed to be safe, easy to use and will save you money.

"A professional pet dental cleaning can cost hundreds of dollars, and may endanger your pet's life," says the ad for Plaque Attack.

Look at the before and after pictures, in just 30 days, these teeth are significantly cleaner and whiter. But, will Plaque Attack work on Honey Bee? Yep. That's Sabrina Hall's dog - a Chihuahua-Weiner mix that's about to get a dental check-up at the Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic.

"So we are going to take a look at Honey Bee's plaque situation," said Vet Dr. Shawn Hook.

Dr. Hook tells Sabrina that small dogs often have bad plaque and Honey Bee's no different.

"The reason why these are the worst is because these do most of the chewing," said Dr. Hook, pointing to Honey Bee's back teeth.

He says she's definitely due for a professional cleaning, and as for the plan to use Plaque Attack, he's not sure the process will be any easier than brushing and doubts we'll see much improvement.

"It's going to be really difficult unless you manually use something to scrape the calculus," said Dr. Hook. "It's going to be hard to get that off."

But we give it a shot. By the number of hands on my dog's face, I should have known this product wasn't going to make life easier.

"You are going to have fun doing this for a month," laughed Dr. Hook

After two weeks of spraying Honey Bee's teeth every night at bed time, her reaction to Plaque Attack was to run away.

If she had two thumbs, they'd probably be two thumbs way down. But was the product working? After 30 days of everyday use, Dr. Hook takes another look at Honey Bee's teeth.

"Starting here and going up is all calculus," said Dr. Hook. "All that yellow stuff and the gray. And you go back here and that's pretty nasty still."

And the before and after pictures are not impressive. In fact, you really can't see any difference at all.

"So, I really don't think it did too much," said Dr. Hook.

He gives Plaque Attack zero stars and makes a very valid point.

"Just like you or me, if I didn't brush my teeth for a year, nobody would want to talk to me and my mouth would look disgusting," said Dr. Hook.

And no amount of "triple care dental spray" could change that.

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