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Project Money: Thanksgiving


MADISON (WKOW)--There's one month left in this year's Project Money contest.

And over the past seven months, all of the teams began to realize there was more to this contest than the $10,000 prize.

"It's about being smarter, wiser, more cognizant of what you're spending your money on," says Jennifer Jones. "That will last me a lifetime and I'll be able to be a lot smarter about how I spend, what I save and how I reduce debt and that sort of thing."

In learning how to cut debt and increase spending, the teams came to know the value of paying themselves first. And, sharing the experience with the entire family.

"They'll learn those lessons, we'll learn those lessons. That's a life change, you know. Doing that, getting money and going back to the old way, that's useless, totally useless," says Juli Brown.

Regardless if who wins, the Project Money teams say they're thankful just for the experience.

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