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Shirt printers work overnight on Badger gear


MADISON (WKOW) -- Area businesses are already getting a head start on Rose Bowl merchandise.    

Just after the game ended Saturday night, printers set to work to get their shirts on the shelves first thing in the morning for fans who want to celebrate the big win.

"We will be working all night, printing up all sorts of Big Ten Championship shirts and we'll start up with the Rose Bowl shirts, the Big Ten Championship shirts will be available in stores in the morning," says Aaron Frank, from Madison Top Co.

Frank says Rose Bowl shirts should be available by Sunday night.    Madison Top Co. will be printing more than 10 thousand shirts to be sold throughout Wisconsin and in Pasadena.

As for those green shirts they stocked in case Michigan State had won, printers expect they could make use of them if the Packers continue their winning streak.

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