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Fewer Badger fans expected to go to 2012 Rose Bowl

Like most Wisconsinites, Jerry Kemmel was up late Saturday night watching the Badgers play in the Big Ten Championship game, his heart in his throat.

"That was very draining, I'm telling you," Kemmel said of Wisconsin's thrilling 42-39 win over Michigan State.  "I was worn out by the time the game was over and I was just watching it on television."
Nonetheless, Jerry was up early to drive from his home near Fond Du Lac all the way to see his travel agent in Madison.

"We've been on several of the Rose Bowl trips and we've enjoyed it, so we wanted to make sure we were on the list," said Kemmel.

Burkhalter Travel is rarely open on Sundays, but today is special.

"We had taken about 100 reservations prior to today and of course in here at nine o'clock this morning taking reservations and as you can see, its been pretty busy around here," said Burkhalter Chief Operating Officer Scott Mast.

But, Mast says his agents won't be as busy booking Rose Bowl trips as they were a year ago.

"We've got space for about 400 people," said Mast.  "Last year, we took a thousand people and we just think that, you know, going back to back like this, it really kind of puts a damper on some people."

However, Mast says there are still a lot of people who will book trips for their first Rose Bowl and then there are the diehards like Kemmel, who is headed to his fourth.

"I'll tell you, I was a dairy farmer for 40 years, seven days a week, never got anywhere," said Kemmel.  "So, any chance I get now, I go." 

Burkhalter Travel is booking its own Rose Bowl package, but others are available through UW Athletics and the UW Alumni Association.

The average price with airfare, hotel and a ticket to the game runs about $2,200 to $2,600.

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