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Gator guy back in Madison to check on alligators


MADISON (WKOW) -  What does it take to give an alligator a check up? A bite guard, eight  human hands, and propofol?

"In the right hands it's very safe," said Dr. Michael Wenninger.

The veterinarian technicians at Spartan Animal Hospital in McFarland are getting to peak inside a place that most living creatures don't get to see.

"We found a stone in the stomach" said Dr. Wenninger.

Baby Gator and Juvi Gator are both recovering after being pelted with rocks by a group of kids.  Juvi just got out of surgery for his broken leg.

"Last night he was more than happy to show his not-so-nice tendencies when his tube was out," said Dr. Wenninger. 

"I guess Dr. Mike and Juvi Gator haven't bonded too well," said John Boyko.

Boyko, known as The Gator Guy, flew the two reptiles into Madison last month for treatment.

"Not too many veterinarians out there that deal with alligators," said Boyko.

The staff set up a pool and basking area, and cranked up the heat to 75 degrees. It's a taste of home, which is back in Pennsylvania. They live in a house of their own, along with nine other alligators.

"What the future holds is maybe even reality TV - Extreme Home Makeover Alligator Style," said Boyko.


MADISON (WKOW) - A Connecticut man who flew his alligators into Madison for surgeries last month, is back in town to check on them.

The alligators are being treated at Spartan Animal Hospital in McFarland, after being attacked by rocks by teenagers in Pennsylvania.


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