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Project Money: The Homestretch


MADISON (WKOW)--The Project Money teams are in the final month of their contest to win $10-thousand dollars.

Over the past seven months, the four teams have made some big, sometimes drastic, changes in their lives. 

The Robertsons had put in years of hard work with little to show for it in the way of savings.

Six months through Project Money, team Robertson is approaching $3,000 in savings, with more than that amount in debt reduction.

Jennifer Jones carried an all-too-familiar burden into the contest: student loan debt.

Heading into the final month, team Jones has focused on savings, with more than $6,500 and almost $1,100 in debt payoff.

Money for college is becoming an urgent priority for team Brown. With two kids starting high school, the clock is ticking.

So far, the Browns have paid off nearly $6,000 in debt and saved more than $1,000.

Debt reduction was also the Project Money priority for Penny Duane. She's already paid off nearly $6,000, with her final month taking her someplace she's never been before.

These numbers are just part of the calculation to determine the winner.

The final outcome is also based in part on household income and the teams' participation in Project Money, such as blogging.

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