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Braun's reported positive PED test disappointing to local youth


MILWAUKEE (WKOW) --  One of the most popular athletes in Wisconsin is facing a lot of questions.

It was revealed yesterday that Milwaukee Brewers Outfielder Ryan Braun tested positive for performance enhancing drugs.

He says he is innocent.

Perhaps no group is more disappointed than the little leaguers who admire him so much.

A team of 13 year-olds practicing inside at Hitters in Middleton on Sunday morning couldn't stop talking about it.

"I was in shock," said Austin Cotharn.

"Yeah, I was really surprised," agreed Jack Zukowski.

Ryan Braun is who a lot of these kids want to be, or at least, wanted to be.

"I thought Ryan Braun was just a really good player, he just had natural talent," said Austin Cotharn.  "I just didn't think he would ever come anywhere near performance-enhancing drugs."

"I would think Pujols or someone," said Zukowski.  "Cuz they're so big, and Braun's not."

Some of the kids refused to believe the news is true.

"It doesn't take a lot to say you tested positive, because it just makes more news I think, for ESPN and everything," said Kaeden Meuer.  "So, I don't think its very true."

The parents who coach this team are less skeptical.

"Maybe I'm jaded, because I've been such a big sports fan for so many years and I've seen so many heroes who have had the same problems and have used performance enhancing drugs," said Bradley Cotharn, father of Austin. 

Bradley Cotharn is trying to put a positive spin on Braun's positive test.

"Whenever you're doing it the right way and trying to work hard and build your skills and somebody else is taking the cheating path, it can be very frustrating," said Bradley Cotharn. "And it gets to issues of ethics and gets to issues of sportsmanship and I"m hoping to drive that point home."

Its a lesson, many of the kids didn't want to learn.

Ryan Braun faces a 50 game suspension, but he insists he did not take any performance enhancing drugs and is appealing that suspension.

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