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Local expert on PED's weighs in on Braun situation


MADISON (WKOW) -- Reports say the defense team for Milwaukee Brewers Outfielder Ryan Braun is claiming there are highly unusual circumstances surrounding the MVP's positive test for a performance enhancing drug (PED) that will show his innocence.

But, if there's a reasonable explanation for Braun's positive test, Dr. Greg Landry of UW Sports Medicine will be very interested to hear what it is.

"If its testosterone that he was busted for, it did not likely come from a supplement," said Dr. Greg Landry, physician for the UW Football team.

Braun tested positive for synthetic testosterone, which is not produced naturally by the body.

Dr. Landry said testosterone from oral supplements only stays in the body for a few hours.

If Braun did take a supplement hours before the test to cause a positive result, it couldn't have been on Major League Baseball's approved list of supplements, because they are all free of steroid contamination.    

That list is given to MLB players each year.

"The careful athletes are very picky about which supplements they take, because they know about this contamination problem," said Dr. Landry.

Dr. Landry said a player's test resulting in a false positive is even more unlikely.

"From a chemist's point of view, they don't call those positive, until they're absolutely sure," said Dr. Landry.  "I mean they do two samples, there's a variety of ways to verify that their results are accurate."

Little Leaguers who idolize Braun raised the point that he must be innocent, because he simply doesn't seem to fit the profile.

"You look at Barry Bonds, he wasn't a very nice guy and he was young and skinny and then he became big," said 13-year-old Kaeden Meuer. "Its not like Braun's bigger, he's the same."
But, Dr. Landry said size isn't always a tell-tale sign.

"There are individuals who take anabolic steroids and don't get great weight gains, and some of them take anabolic steroids to heal muscles and heal injuries," said Dr. Landry.

In the end, Dr. Landry couldn't provide a scenario where Braun could test positive for a substance like synthetic testosterone and have a reasonable explanation for it.

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