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Madison College students want help for inspirational classmate


MADISON (WKOW) -- She's captured the attention of students at Madison College - a woman who is not letting adversity keep her from going to class. But some are now concerned about her future.

She moved here from California to get an education and that's what she's doing, except she's a student without anywhere to call home.

Betty Rochelle is taking sociology and employment law at Madison College. She wants to one day own her own business. But right now, she's homeless. She stays awake all night and tries to stay warm, and then sleeps on campus during the day between her classes.

"I definitely have respect for her for that because so many people do have money and they have a nice warm place to live and they don't want to come here and they complain all the time and here this woman is," said Karissa Simyab, a Madison College student.  "She is coming here and working to try and get a better education and a better life."

"To see somebody that is trying to make something of their lives sitting there having to live on the streets is just absolutely awful," said Debi Wikinson-Johnson, a Madison College student. 

Betty's classmates are even more concerned as winter break approaches. The campus of Madison College is going to be shutting down from December 23 to January 3. And that's where Betty finds safety. She also takes her daily showers in the locker room of the athletic department.

The students want to see her get a place to stay during the holidays. If you would like to help out, you can email Debi at

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