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Homeless student gets wish and more


MADISON (WKOW) - Nothing's like giving good news.  And when its big -  it's big.  Like telling someone who's been homeless for ten years that they now have a place to stay.

"Some people have offered you for a couple of days, others have offered for a couple of weeks, others have offered you for as long as you like," said Madison College Student Debi Wilkinson-Johnson.

"No kidding?," asked Betty.

Betty Rochelle's story inspired so many who heard it. Her struggle to go to school, despite her situation.

The offers to help flooded-in through phone calls and emails.

"She will have her own bedroom, bathroom and her own living room," read one of the emails.

It's what her schoolmate Debi wanted for Betty for Christmas.

"It's absolutely wonderful," said Debi.

All Betty wanted was for a place to shower when Madison College closed for Winter break.  Now she has this.

"Hello!," said Rebecca Hall-Boelke.

A possible home, with a bedroom, TV, computer...

"Wow! That is really nice," said Betty.  "It's so nice!"

It's an offer from a woman, who turns out to have once been a student and homeless too.

"My heart was just drawn to her," she said.

Hall-Boelke is now a caregiver, with a Monona house that she calls "The Home of Agape".

"Which is Greek for unconditional love," she said.

Proving that sometimes we not only get what we want but, in Betty's case, also what we need.

The homeowner Rebecca even went out last night to buy Betty a bed. Her offer to Betty is that she can stay there as long as likes until she's ready to move on. 



MADISON (WKOW) - After 27 News reported on a homeless student at Madison College, dozens of people have reached out to the woman to offer her a place to live.

Betty Rochelle still hasn't yet heard about the good news. 

Sabrina Hall will be there to get Betty's reaction and will have more tonight on 27 News at 6.

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