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Project Money: Robertson Update


MADISON (WKOW) -- Christmas seemed like a long way off when the Robertsons began Project Money seven months ago.

"There were quite a few bumps in the road, ups and downs. Some months when I felt like we weren't going any where," remembers Dan Robertson.

But the Robertsons say they learned one mistake doesn't have to lead to another.

"Everyone's kind of looking for that magic trick, but you're like, it's day in day out, practicing good habits the best you can and when you goof up, learn from it," says Sheila Robertson.

After working with their financial coaches on reducing debt and building savings, the teams will be on their own when the contest ends at the end of the month. But they have the know-how to stay on the right track.

Team Robertson also plans to use their Project Money smarts if they end up winning that $10,000 prize in February.

"It goes into 25% debt reduction, 25% savings, 25% splurge, and 25% goes to our big trip to Mexico in a few years. Our vacation savings."

Once the contest is over and the teams get their final numbers, the folks at Summit Credit Union will calculate everything to determine the winner and we'll announce that in February.

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