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Walker admin. releases plan to cut $123 million from budget


MADISON, Wis. (WKOW) -- Governor Scott Walker's administration has released a plan to cut $123 million statewide.

The total amount was determined in the budget passed earlier this year, but the specific plan didn't become available until Friday.

Under the plan, the University of Wisconsin system could see the biggest cut at $46.1 million.

The Department of Health Services is expected to lose 18.5 million and the Department of Corrections would see a $9.4 million cut.

The plan will go through unless someone in the legislature's budget committee objects, which Democrats are expected to do.

Walker exempted numerous agencies and programs from additional cuts, including schools aid, higher educational financial aid, technical college aid and other around-the-clock state operations.

The Walker administration has asked agencies to make the cuts without layoffs, if possible.


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