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Door County becoming winter hot spot


DOOR COUNTY (WKOW)-- It is often known as a summer getaway.

But Door County is quickly becoming a winter hot spot.

Main street in Fish Creek was bustling Friday with visitors in town for the holiday weekend.

Business owners like that, coming off a slow stretch after the summer.

The Packer's games also give the area a boost, attracting fans who can't find rooms in Green Bay.

But many say they come this time of year, because it's just more laid back.

President of the Door County Visitor's Bureau, Jack Moneypenny, says, "It's just a different experience. It's not that hustle and bustle and crowded, it's more laid back, a quieter season for us."

Last year Door County welcomed more than 60,000 tourists.

Most of them visited in the summer months.

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