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Project Money: Brown Update


DEFOREST (WKOW) -- It took a few months, but Juli and Larry Brown found the right recipe for their Project Money success.

"We did great. We've been budgeting and saving. Even the kids have been helping out.  How? They don't spend as much money as they used to," said Larry.

"They got excited about it. They started thinking about college, and they wanted to be ahead of the game. They talked with their friends, too and the friends are even doing some of the things like that," said Juli.

Working with their Project Money coach, the Browns paid off more than $7,400 in debt and saved more than $2,500. And they also discovered something even more valuable: peace of mind.

"When it gets easier and there's not so much stress, you're like, this is the way it's supposed to be," noted Juli.

"If we win or not, I just want to continue doing it because we've saved a lot of money and paid a lot of bills in this process. And it really, really helped us a lot," said Larry.

They still have work to do, saving for the kids' college fund, for instance. But, the Browns know they're headed in the right direction and they already have a plan for that $10,000 prize if they win it.

"We're going to put some money aside for the kids' college funding. And we're going to go on a trip, vacation. Where? We really want to go to the Grand Canyon."

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