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Recall volunteers make their final push


MADISON (WKOW) -- Greg Davis is learning that most of the people in Wisconsin who planned on signing a petition to recall Gov. Scott Walker already have.

But to Davis, its worth waving at traffic in the cold even if it means getting just one more.

"At this point I'm pretty confident we have the numbers we need, but we know there will be challenges so we wanna get as many extra signatures as we possibly can," said Davis, a recall volunteer.

But in recent days, Davis is getting more heckles than signatures.

"In fact, just a few minutes before you guys got here a citizen said he wanted to thank me for wasting his tax money," said Davis.

And some opponents, aren't nearly as civil.

"You're not gonna win!  F*** you!!!," yelled a passing motorist at Davis.

Sen. Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) may not agree with that type of expression, but he understands the frustration.

"These things aren't free," said Sen. Grothman.  "If you sign one of these recall petitions its not like there's no cost, its a substantial cost to cities, villages and towns around the state."

Just last Friday, the Government Accountability Board announced the cost to recall the governor will total $9 million.

"Here they are claiming, most of them, that they should have more money, that they shouldn't have to pay for their pensions, but now they're asking the taxpayers across the state to spend another nine million dollars on a special election," said Sen. Grothman.

But to Davis, you can't put a price on democracy.

"If they re-elect Governor Walker I can live with that, but, I think he's in there right now under false pretenses and I find that objectionable," said Davis. "I don't think that's democracy."

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