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Group to recall Gov. Walker will submit petitions to GAB late Tuesday afternoon


Despite a forecast of snow, the forces trying to recall Gov. Scott Walker won't be stopped from handing in petitions to the Government Accountability Board Tuesday.

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin plans to head to the GAB offices at 3 p.m. armed with more than 100 boxes of petitions.

Monday, it was clear the recall fervor hasn't died down.

At a celebration for the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday at the Capitol, Gov. Scott Walker ironically sang along to "We Shall Overcome." 

Its the same song opponents have made into their own anthem when they sing in protest of the governor each day at noon in the Capitol.

Some of those opponents were on hand Monday to protest during the MLK Jr. celebration.  

Christine Taylor of Madison was carried out by Capitol police for holding a sign on the first floor where the ceremony was taking place.

"I went with my sign that says MLK Jr. would recall Walker," said Taylor.

Despite the charged atmosphere, Gov. Walker is remaining positive.

"The optimist in me says that the overwhelming majority of people in the state chose not to sign that (recall petition) and I earned the trust of the majority last time to serve as governor," said Gov. Walker.  "My hope is that I will earn that trust again."

As the hyperbole continues to fly, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is focused squarely on the business at hand.

"Tomorrow [Tuesday] we're gonna have representatives from United Wisconsin and other organizations carrying the boxes of petitions," said DPW Chair Mike Tate. "One person from all 72 counties will be here, so, we think its gonna be a great day."

Those boxes of petitions containing what Democrats have projected to be over 720,000 signatures are under lock and key at party headquarters until then.

"Obviously, it would be pretty tragic if for all those people who made their voices by signing these petitions to have something happen to them, so we're taking all appropriate precautions," said Tate.

Meanwhile, the governor's supporters at the Republican Party of Wisconsin are training volunteers on how to spot fraudulent signatures.

They will get the chance to do that once the GAB has counted and verified the petitions.

"I think there's nothing wrong with that at all, and in fact we encourage it," said Tate. "The Republicans have said they're gonna data entry all the signatures within 72 hours, we think that means by next Monday, we'll know for certain if an election is gonna happen."

The Democratic Party will also hand in signatures to recall Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch and Republican Senators Van Wanggaard, Terry Moulton and Pam Galloway.

An independent group seeking to recall Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald will hand in their signatures in at 2 p.m. Tuesday.

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