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COPY-Wis. sports fans juggle two big games

MADISON (WKOW) -- Packers fans filed into downtown Madison bars to get a good seat for the playoffs long before the game even started.

But Sunday's line up made it tough for some Wisconsin sports fans wanting to support both the Packers and Badgers play.

For some, the choice was easy.

"I grew up in Madison so I'm a big Packers fan, big Badgers fan, missing the badger basketball game today...but it's okay, it's okay," said Peter Swanson, who got a seat at State Street Brat's to watch the Packers game.

Others decided to root on both teams.

"We actually have tickets to the Badgers game also, so it's a little bit of Badgers, little bit of Packers," said Lindsey Brewster, another patron at Brat's who planned to switch over to the Badgers game at half time.

The Badger game at the Kohl Center wasn't as packed as usual and some of those in the stands, didn't quite have their heads in the game.

Lindsey Dake brought her phone to keep an eye on the Packers while John Kraus had a portable radio to track the score.

Those multi-taskers learned that it was a win for the Badgers and a loss for the Packers.

"It just wasn't our year, I'll chalk it up to that, next year though..." said Packers fan Marty Clarke.

Many at State Street Brat's expressed disappointment after the playoff game, but said they'll continue rooting on the Packers next season.




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