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Car tips for cold weather


MADISON (WKOW) -  Donna Parker knows a hot cup of coffee is good for cold weather and so is a trustworthy car.

"I have a level of confidence knowing that those things are repaired," said Donna.

Before temperatures dropped, Donna had her breaks and tires fixed. Justin Woulters did not.

"It hasn't been snowing for so long, I kind of felt like it was never going to start snowing," said Justin. 

Don Miller Service Shop Forman Tom Meier says most people are like Justin.

"It never fails, as soon as we have a first snow fall, we have four wheel drives that don't work, we've got traction problems, we've got coolant problems, we have got heating problems," said Meier.

If you didn't get your car a pre-Winter check-up, Meier's got some tips.

"Well, the first thing you probably want to check is your washer solvent," said Meier.

He says make sure you have the right fluid for the cold weather so it doesn't freeze and that the windshield nozzles are free from snow or ice.

"Use your ice scraper but be careful," said Meier. "They are sensitive. They are made of plastic and they can get brittle in the Winter time."

Meier says a mechanic should check your coolant to make sure its at the right temperature. You can inspect your battery yourself for any corrosion.

"If they see corrosion build-up they can go to a dealership to have it cleaned or if you are noticing your engine is cranking over slow or your headlights are dim you might want to have it checked out to make sure everything is ok," said Meier.

And if you're slipping and sliding in snow, it may be time to do the penny test.

"If you can put this in the tread of your tire and it just touches the top of Lincoln's head, that means it's time to replace your tires," said Meier.

And the shop foreman says proper tire inflation is also important because if its inflated right.. a larger surface of the tire will be touching the road giving you better traction.


MADISON (WKOW) - As the temperatures drop, you may be running into some problems with your car.

Whether it's your tires slipping and sliding in the snow or your windshield wiper fluid freezing up, a mechanic at Don Miller has a list of things you should do to keep your vehicle in good working condition during these winter months.

Sabrina Hall shares the simple tips tonight on 27 News at 5 and 6.

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